Last week we told you about a letter that was drafted by the People’s United Party and directed to the Government of Belize demanding that the Petrocaribe act be repealed. The opposition has gone on record to state that if it is not done within 21 days of the submission, that their next move would be mobilizing Belizeans in support of the issue. And while there has been much scrutiny and debate over the process of the way the law was forcedly passed in the National Assembly, Fonseca says the law is aimed at protecting the Prime Minister and insulating him from criminal penalties. Yesterday, when the issue was brought up by Belize City media, Fonseca went on to invite the general populace to jump into their band wagon, creating an undeniable opposition stance against the Petrocribe Law ……Here is that clip….

francisHonorable Francis Fonseca – Party Leader, PUP

“Sending this letter but we want as many people, as many of our partners, as many of the social partners, the businesses, the Chamber of Commerce to sign on to this letter.  We are seeking their support in sending this letter.  If we have to go at it alone we will.  So the first step is to circulate it to them, that is where we are now, to get, to have them look at it, to have them review it, get their input, perhaps they want to make amendments to the letter.  So that is the stage that we are at, once we’ve gotten that back and we’ve gotten some consensus and we know who will sign on and who won’t then we will proceed from there and the twenty-one days will start running from then.”

Despite the decibel levels being raised on the issue, last week the Prime Minister repeatedly mentioned in his lengthy press conference that the Petrocaribe Law will not and never be repealed citing that the opposition was simply and we quote, “jealous of the unprecedented development taking across the country”.

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