A fifteen year old minor is tonight behind bars accused of killing a 23 year old resident from Corozal Town. Reports are that Samir Vivas, who is no stranger to the law, was hanging out in front of his house when became involved in an argument with the minor over a bicycle. The situation escalated and at the end resulted in the minor stabbing Vivas. With the assistance of our Corozal reporter, Karel Herredia, we bring the following story.


Carmelita Perez - Reporting 


He formed part of our headlines when we reported on a robbery or burglary in Corozal. Today 23 year old Samir Vivas is the main character of his own story as we report on his murder. Last night around 8:30 Vivas was hanging out in front of his house located at Venezuelan Site Corozal Town, when death came looking for him.

Reports are that while outside his house Vivas was approached by a fifteen year old minor who accused him of stealing his bicycle. An argument ensued between the minor and Vivas and that is when the night turned deadly as the fifteen year old stabbed Vivas on the chest.

Dennis Arnold- Officer in Charge Corozal Police

“Between 8:30 and 8:40pm last night Tuesday the 4th day of August 2015, police was called out to the Corozal Community Hospital where upon arrival they saw a male person what appears to be stab wound to the stomach, initial police investigation reveals that while Zamir Vivas, 23 years was at home in the Venezuelan Area site of Corozal Town a 15 year old minor went to his resident and was accusing him of stealing his bicycle and an argument ensued where shortly after a fight and the 15 year old minor introduced a knife into the fight and inflict injuries to Mr. Vivas where he was taken to the Corozal Town hospital where about an hour later he succumbed to his injuries, at present the 15 year old minor had hand in himself this morning so he is in custody.”

According to an eye witness who spoke to us off camera, Vivas was alive for about half an hour but by the time the ambulance arrived he was already dead.


“Actually I was sitting in my house and I heard somebody say boy and I come out with my little sister and we saw Zamir was running after this boy and this boy day before he was saying that Zamir took his bike because his girlfriend is Zamir cousin and only he was there that would have taken his bike and Zamir came to him an run after him right here they stopped and I actually came out and saw and I saw that Zamir asked why he is saying he took his bike because he didn’t took it and he told him yes you took it and then Zamir wanted to beat him with a bottle and they were forcing with the bottle and then the boy just took out an orange thing and shub in and took it out and then he want with the bike frightened and then Zamir just drop on the ground and he told me that he is dying and I ask him to lift his shirt but he didn’t want and I just saw some blood and I told it is nothing and then he went and told his mom and then about an hour pass and no once came and then I told my sister and she told he is dead and I told her no when I saw the ambulance was coming for him and took him and then after that I just heard that he died.”

And while Viva’s family prepare to lay him to rest, the family of the minor accused of committing the crime say he is innocent. Today sister of the 15 year old minor told us if Vivas would have returned the bicycle he initially borrowed for, her younger brother he would still be alive.

Sister of Minor

“My brother win the lottery and buy a beach cruiser bicycle and then the boy thieve the bike from him and then he actually gone there for three days asking for the bike and the boy didn’t want to give him the bike and then it became into a fight and an argument and then the police came to my house and told me they come to look for [beep] because he just stab a boy and then it was his bike and he fight the boy for.”


“How did he know that he thief his bike, did he saw when they thief his bike?”

Sister of Minor

“He see when he thief the bike but the boy was never here he say the boy gone to Belmopan and when he come back he goes to ask for the bike and then it has been three days he ask for the bike and the boy lone want to fight with him causing him problem and he ask him for the bike yesterday and he just ride away and then they end up reach together and end fighting and then on the ground he get stabbed by mistake, my little brother is not trouble boy he doesn’t have a record at police station and he never the fight or never thieve he buy his own bike, he was going to ITVET and my mother never had the finance for him to continue go so he drop out because he was interested in schooling he was the only boy that never had no kind of problem and he was respectful and mannerly, we are sorry for the family but then the boy had the fault and then the brother innocent and then he going to jail for it but God will help him because he knows he is innocent and will help him.”

Vivas’ body was transported to the Corozal Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. His body now awaits a postmortem examination.


CTV3 News understands that the 15 year old minor handed himself over to police this morning.

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