icbCorozal Police are looking for an individual or individuals responsible for breaking into the Insurance Corporation of Belize, (ICB) building located in the Santa Elena Border, Corozal District.

The incident occurred between 5:00a.m and 6:00a.m on Friday, January 15th. It is believed that the criminal or criminals smashed the back glass windows to gain access to the building and once inside they entered the office of the Corozal Custom Brokerage and got their hands on 5 laptops.

Alfredo Sanchez

“We received a phone call from the building manager last week Friday about six in the morning and they called us to inform us that there was a breaking into the building they were not certain what time it happened but when we arrived here we noticed that yes indeed the building was broken into.”


“What was stolen from the building?”

Alfredo Sanchez

“Upstairs here at our office we noticed that immediately that nearly all of our laptops were stolen specifically five laptops were stolen, which we used to work here daily, what we noticed is that when we arrive here is that a side window by the stairs outside the building that is where they gained entrance to the building, I am not sure how they did that but we found that the window was broken  and that they removed the entire frame of the window and inside the building through the front door, they tampered with the locks and they came into the office.”

A reward is being offered by the owner of the business, Raul Cawich for any information leading in the recovery of the stolen lop tops or the arrest of the culprit or culprits.

Alfredo Sanchez

“The owner of the business, Mr. Raul Cawich is offering a five thousand dollars reward to the general public to whoever can assist with information regarding the breaking because yes the laptops may not be valuable a such but the programs that we use for the brokerage are very valuable and so Mr. Cawich is very concerned and wants to offer this reward to the general public.”

CTV3 News understands that ICB was also victim of Friday’s robbery. Reliable sources tell us that apart from the five laptops belonging to the Corozal Customs Brokerage, the burglar or burglars also made off with a vault belonging to ICB which contained an undisclosed amount of cash and 2 cell phones. Police are still investigating. Anyone with information regarding the lap tops are asked to contact 630-1861.

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