Screen_Shot_2016-01-20_at_8.05.19_PMOn Monday we reported on the gruesome murder of 55 year old Francisco Arevalo, Guatemalan Farmer of Indian Church Village whose mutilated nude body was found early on Sunday morning near an unfinished concrete house in the outskirts of Indian Church. Police suspect that the murder was as a result of a love triangle gone wrong as investigations have revealed that Arevalo was lured out of his house at around 9:00 on Saturday night by a woman he knew.

Reports suggest that this woman’s common-law husband is the one that attacked and murdered Arevalo. He is no other than 58 year old Salvadoran National, Juan Carlos Lopez Gutierrez who police have placed on their wanted list.

But while police have Gutierrez’s common-law-wife detained as they found her in possession of Arevalo’s phone, they are yet to detain Lopez. Today our sources within the police department told us it is highly suspected that Gutierrez he has made his was across the border into Mexico and based on that fact authorities are working with their Mexican counterparts in capturing Gutierrez and bring him to justice.

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