pumpIf you were one of the many Belizeans who visited the pumps last week to fill your gas tank just before the Easter vacation you probably didn’t even notice that you paid more for a gallon of fuel and that’s because Government did not announce the hike that took effect on Wednesday March 23rd.

Before the increase consumers paid $8.23 per gallon of regular gasoline now you will pay $8.85 per gallon that’s 62 cents more. As for Diesel…it went from $7.57 to $7.78 cents seeing an increase of 21 cents. While the price of premium remained the same, the price per gallon of kerosene reduced by a mere seven cents and now sells for $4.29.

As mentioned the increase was not announced by GOB who has indicated by the end of the year they plan to collect an additional fifty million dollars in revenues from fuel taxes.

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