zikaThe first case of Zika for Belize has been confirmed. As viewers may recall, we informed you on April 26th that the results for three suspected cases of the zika virus were sent back to the Ministry of Health from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) which all returned as negative. The Ministry of Health then sent an additional seven samples to CARPHA for testing in which six of the seven had also tested negative.

And while we all thought that Belize would remain free from the virus, the case is not so for tonight we can tell you that only moments ago, the Ministry of Health announced its first confirmed case of the zika virus in Belize City.

As soon as the results were returned, an immediate investigation was conducted and several measures were taken in an effort to reduce and control any potential outbreak of the virus throughout the rest of the country.

As the investigations are currently on-going, the Ministry is doing everything in its power to follow the zika preparedness plan and are informing the general public that they will continue to work along with the community in order to lessen the impact and are asking for the public’s assistance in eliminating mosquito breeding sites so as to avoid being bitten by the vector that transmits the virus.

The Ministry of Health has established that after the investigations conclude, they will be shedding some light on this case in particular as well as other valid and relevant information. The heightened surveillance, however, is being monitored countrywide.

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