Before the Auditor General began her substantive submissions in relation to the report, she had a prepared statement to read out. Last week we reported that House Speaker Michael Peyrefitte had taken the Auditor General to court for being mentioned in the report. Peyrefitte’s name was included in a list with names of persons who had given recommendation documentations for a passport application. He claimed he had done nothing illegal and his naming in the report wrong him. Well, today the Auditor General set the record straight, admitting that she had committed an error.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-09_at_8.15.41_PMDorothy Bradley, Auditor General

“At page 163 of my report of the Special Audit dated 31st May 2016 I included a list at table zk of individuals who signed form 3B as recommenders although they were not lawfully authorized to do so, among the list of individuals on table ZK was Mr. Michael Peyrefitte as Speaker of the House who signed the application of William Alvin Lindo on May 30th 2013 as a 3b category recommender, regulation 7(1) of the passport regulations 2012 permits members of the house of representatives to sign recommendations for Belize passports under section 56(1) of the Belize Constitution it is provided that the House of Representatives shall consist of 31 members who shall be elected in the manner provided by law, Mr. Peyrefitte is not an elected member of the House of Representatives, however it has been brought to my attention that section 56(2) of the Constitution provides that if any person who is not a member of the House of Representatives is elected to be Speaker of the House he shall by virtue of holding the office of the Speaker be a member of the House in addition to the 31 members of our side, it is clear that Mr. Peyrefitte name should not have been included in the list on table ZK and was done so in error, any inconvenience caused to Mr. Peyrefitte is regretted  save and except for that error I stand by my report.”

Peyrefitte was on the spectator’s gallery during the presentation of the statement. He spoke with the media after, expressing satisfaction saying that’s all he was asking for.

Michael Peyrefitte, Speaker of the House

“It’s what I’ve been asking for the very beginning and to hear her say here today and to have it form a part of the record as the Chairman said it exonerates me from what’s on the report and all I ever wanted was for my name to be cleared because I didn’t do anything that I not supposed to do.”


“Sir, am sure it is regrettable to you that it took so long for her to acknowledge what could have been something she should have done weeks ago?”

Screen_Shot_2016-11-09_at_8.15.52_PMMichael Peyrefitte, Speaker of the House

“What she should have done many months ago was that the minute that it came up that I was not authorised to sign she could have called me and she could have written to me and I would have cleared it up right there and then, of course as well, when I wrote to her formally saying that I had a complaint about the report in that aspect she could have simply writer exactly what she said today and that would have been satisfactory all I ever wanted was for the record to be cleared.”

Peyrefitte also confirmed that the court action against the Auditor General has been withdrawn.

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