Screen_Shot_2017-05-15_at_7.56.04_PMWell-known President of the Public Service Union Eldred Neal is under heavy fire tonight for very controversial comments he has made on the Garifuna people in a private conversation which was recorded and has been leaked to the media.

We’ll get to the recording shortly, but first, in a letter dated 6th of May, signed by nine persons including Neal’s 1st Vice President Herman Pastor Jr., 2nd Vice President Kenneth Mortis and Assistance Secretary General, Neal is asked to tender his resignation as a result of statements he made.

In the letter, Neal is accused by his senior colonels of preparing to carry out an exercise to purge the PSU’s Council of Management of Garifuna members. The accusations are very serious, and in the letter the signatories cite that they have the evidence to prove it.

They further ask Neal to submit his resignation ahead of the upcoming Annual General Meeting scheduled for August and that he does not offer himself as a candidate.

The “evidence” referred to in the letter, is as we mentioned, recordings of private conversations in which Neal makes heavy criticisms of people of Garifuna ancestry. While we have the recording in our possession, the criticisms are very discriminatory and we care not to report them. Neal goes on to say that the PSU is divided in a culture war, which he classifies as between the Garifuna people and everyone else.

The recording likely occurred several weeks ago, sometime before last month’s BNTU leadership convention as Neal is also heard making accusations against BNTU National President Luke Palacio.

We understand Neal was not planning to run for another term of Presidency. Neal has been asked by media houses to respond to the matter, but has not taken up the invitation.

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