smugglersYesterday the passage of the Subteniente López border which separates Belize from Mexico was blocked by residents of the area and suspected smugglers of merchandise known as 'fayuqueros' with the use of rocks and tree branches to prevent the entry of vehicles. The fayuqueros were annoyed about the fact that the border had been closed to motor vehicles as part of a binational agreement between Mexico and Belize, therefore, they were demanding two things… one, that it be re-opened and two, for the removal of the Federal Police.

However, despite a back and forth between the fayuqueros and representatives of the Mexican Army and the Federal Police, authorities managed to unblock the passage way ignoring numerous threats made by the protestors who indicated that the area will be re-closed if their demands are not met. Today, Counsellor of the Embassy of Mexico to Belize, Hugo Juarez Carrillo, indicated that both Mexican and Belizean counterparts are working in unison so as to prevent similar incidences from occurring.

Carrillo further stated that the Mexican Custom officers are currently enforcing the law at the bridge which compels everyone to abide by the rules and is not aware of any change in position to appease the protestors. We understand that the bridge had been closed down due to the illegal transportation of contraband goods by fayuqueros from the Corozal Commercial Free Zone area. We also understand that an investigation into the matter has been launched and will not be re-opened until the matter is resolved.

At the moment the crossing for vehicles can only be realized through the new Chactemal Bridge, located to two kilometers of Subteniente López.

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