Spartan Fitness Gym in Corozal Town is popularly known as the home of well-known bodybuilding champion Mr. Belize Rigo Vellos as well as other up-and-coming athletes. The gym engages in numerous community service activities and today, one more was added to their list as Vellos announced that with the help of gym members they will be providing scholarships to support young people’s access to education.

Screen_Shot_2017-06-07_at_8.18.14_PMRigo Vellos, Spartan Fitness Gym scholarship

“Today I would like to announce that on behalf of Spartan Fitness Gym and its members we are launching a scholarship program to be able to assist young people to achieve their academic goals and dreams. We are giving out five different scholarships, its four primary schools and one high school scholarship for the moment.”

Vellos added that the tuition assistance program is also aimed at encouraging community building and involvement. This will be done through community service activities which the students will be required to engage in. Vellos explained.

Rigo Vellos, Spartan Fitness Gym scholarship

“The scholarship program will also focus on community involvement by giving community service; successful applicants will be asking to provide five hours per month, minimum five hour a month of community service we believe that young people need to be involved in community service also.  People can apply by picking up the applications at Spartan Fitness Gym or they can go on my Facebook, Rigo Vellos and request for the application and we will surely help them in getting the application.”


“Why is the Gym finding it important in providing scholarship for the community?”

Rigo Vellos, Spartan Fitness Gym scholarship

“Actually there shouldn’t be any reasons why, we should have children out there without attending schools it’s very important that we lean and we try to push positive into young people our future that is the young people so hence that is the reason why we believe that it is very important for us to try to reach out to the people and the children that are in need of those scholarships so that they can achieve their academic dreams.”

Vellos noted that while the gym is currently offering 5 scholarships, he hopes that others can support their efforts by providing resources that could expand the number of scholarships offered.

As pointed out, scholarship application forms can be picked up at Spartan Gym on 4th Avenue or can be requested through Rigo Vellos’ Facebook page. He can also be contacted at 623-1984. The deadline to return completed forms is four weeks from now on July 7th 2017.

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