Child rearing has its growing challenges in modern society. With the traditional practice of stay home moms being replaced with working moms, finding proper care for children at the toddler stage is at times a tedious and difficult process. For one mom in Corozal, the struggles of finding good care for her young ones pushed her to open a private day care facility known as Bright Beginning Day Care in the town, which aside from setting a high standard, seeks to provide the needed care services that as a parent she always wanted.


Screen_Shot_2017-08-03_at_7.43.39_PMLaveena Punjabi - Day Care Owner

“As a parent I have two kids my one daughter is five years old and the other kid is two years old so like I was then looking for a babysitter from like four years ago and I was trying to hunt a good babysitter that makes me satisfied that will take care of my kid and educate my kid and every time I wanted my kid to learn something because the child’s brain is just like a sponge and as much as you put in it goes in if you put in good thing then good things goes in if you put bad things then bad things goes in and then I was not getting a perfect one that I was looking for and it was really hard for me because during the day you don’t find a babysitter so you cannot go to work you have to skip your work and all those problems I was getting through and that is where I came up with an idea of opening a day care like right here am offering all women a very nice and caring environment and my assistant is a pre-school teacher so she have experience with kids and even me I had to take a training from the states as I told you for the day care and as you can see I have a very nice educational and a big variety of educational toys and the other facilities I have a background and we are still working with the slide which will be ready by next week and I have cameras and even for some reason if I have to be out of the Day Care I can still watch the kids and make sure that they are fine and we have a buzzer log we have, there is a lot of facilities as I told you right now my kids are playing with a play dough but they are not just playing and wasting time, they have letters and numbers, and they are learning at the same time so that is what practically what we do that each activity we do we make sure that they learn something.”

Punjabi invites residents of Corozal Town who are interested in the services to visit them to find out what learning activities and recreation they engage in with the children. She also indicated that the cost is affordable and she is open to special cases such as hourly and daily services.

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