Screen_Shot_2017-08-14_at_8.23.13_PMOn Saturday a special meeting was held at the Public Service Union headquarters in Belize City with the aim of seeking a resolution to the recent contentions within the union as it relates to the suspension of President of the PSU, Eldred Neal.

As you may be well aware, Neal’s suspension came about as a result of derogatory remarks made by him against the Garinagu community during a private conversation among himself, President of the Belize Water Service Workers Union, Lorelei Westby and General Secretary of Belize Energy Workers Union, Marvin Mora which was recorded without Neal’s knowledge and later leaked to the media.

While there had been no resolution forthcoming to decide Neal’s fate within the union following his suspension in the month of May, last week the PSU Belmopan Branch had raised the matter and indicated that the issue of the suspension has dragged on for too long and that a solution must be finalized. The PSU Council of Management were quick to respond indicating that they are, quote “open and ready for any discussion that will move the union forward in bringing this matter to a close” end of quote.

Via a press release issued today by the PSU Council of Management, announced that during the mediation session that was conducted over the weekend, Neal took the opportunity to apologize for the discriminatory remarks made against both the Garinagu community and members of the council of management. As a result, it was decided that the suspension be lifted, therefore, reinstating Neal to his post. There was one condition though, and that is that Neal will not be able to chair the 95th annual general meeting that is scheduled for Saturday August 19th at the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds where the posts of President, 2nd Vice President, General Secretary, and Councillors are expected to be filled.

We understand that the mediator of the meeting was Solicitor General, Nigel Hawke.

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