Back in January we had introduced the group of 30 men and women who were enrolled in a 6-month skills-based training course aimed at providing alternative opportunities to those in fishing communities in northern Belize that are most affected by climate change. The training was a project conducted by the Fisheries Department with support from the World Bank’s Adaptation Fund under a project known as Marine Conservation and Climate Adaption Project. Having completed the course, this past Saturday August 12th the first graduating cohort of 29 men and women joined their families in special ceremonies held at ITVET Corozal.

Among the graduates, two students, Jose Alvarado and Deidy Munoz, both of Sarteneja Village, were recognised as the top achievers in the Food Preparation and Cosmetology courses.

Following the ceremonies, we got feedback of the initiative from graduate Jose Alvarado.

Screen_Shot_2017-08-14_at_8.23.59_PMJose Alvarado - MCCAPS Graduate

“Well, the program has been a wonderful program for me because well I already own a small business in the village and so well I’ve took this opportunity to expand everything and to try to better my service and the truth is that the program has been really wonderful and I’ve learned many things and I think we never stop learning and every day we learn something new specially I learnt about customer service and it’s something very important also professionalism is very important; your appearance how you look because people would judge you because of your appearance, you imagine if somebody would go to your business and you are not in a presentable clean appearance you would not be very happy to visit your business so that’s part of what I’ve learnt and apart from that I’ve also learned to prepare different dishes, I actually sale fast food but now I’ve learnt to do different appetizers and desserts and I think is really wonderful.”

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