As we have previously reported, the United Democratic Party will be holding a convention to choose a Mayoral and Councillor Candidates to contest the upcoming Municipal elections this weekend. The two individuals vying for the post are Richard Quan and Rafael Castillo. Quan is currently an employee managing the Traffic Department, and Castillo is a former Deputy Mayor and current Councillor under the Hilberto Campos-led Town Council. There have been rumours that Quan enjoys major support in the UDP, including the support of UDP Area Rep Pablo Marin. Well, today the Minister of Health wasn’t shy about confirming those reports and even explained why in Sunday’s race Quan will have his full support.

Screen_Shot_2017-08-14_at_8.22.52_PMHonourable Pablo Marin – Minister of Health

“We always have someone that we support, I have always worked along with Richard Quan and he has been in the party for so long just like Rafael Castillo but before this thing came out Richard Quan asked me to support him and I did say yes, nobody put their name so when Rafael came I said sorry I already gave my word to Richard Quan so that is why am supporting Richard Quan.  If anybody put their name at the right time the that person has the right to contest and we don’t have anything against that and the only thing that we ask is that when this finishes whosoever wins just need to come to us and work along so if Richard Lose he has already pledge that he will come to work with Rafael and same with Rafael and he has to support us on the but once you lose that there is nothing else to go and the same thing with Rafael has pledged that if he loses that convention then he will work along with us.”

There will be eleven candidates vying for six councillor positions. Of the current candidates, only two are seeking re-election and it does not include current Deputy Mayor Raul Gomez.

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