Screen_Shot_2017-09-13_at_7.57.37_PMThe Belize national Teachers Union has been in existence for the past 47 years and is one of the largest unions currently in our country. The union was formed with the objective of looking out for the rights and benefits of teachers in our country.

Every two years the different district branches of the union hold an election to select their executive members. Earlier today members of BNTU Orange Walk gathered at Gala Lounge where the new board was elected. After holding the post as BNTU Orange Walk President for the past seven years, Otilio Munoz was today replaced by the new president, Keith Agustin.

The remainder of the executive is now formed by Alejandro Hernandez as the new Vice President, Sharon Reynolds becomes the new treasurer while Mirielle Alamilla remains as Secretary and Raiza Carlos as the new assistant secretary.

During today’s elections, BNTU Orange Walk also recognized persons who they considered essential elements during their eleven day strike last year which formed part of their fight for Belize campaign. Plaques of recognition were awarded to our very own News Director and Media Communications Manager Carmelita Perez as well as Mrs. Arcadia Carillo who despite being retired continues to support BNTU.

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