FUEL_PRICES_PSD_TEMPLATEOver the past months Belizeans have been paying record high prices for fuel while other Central American countries are experiencing considerable drops providing relief to drivers. Here in Belize while the Prime Minister has promised to reduce the cost per gallon of fuel it seems that won’t happen anytime soon or if it does it won’t be a drastic drop which is exactly what Belizeans are clamouring for.

On October 6th the price for regular gasoline reduced by 84 cents after Belizeans threatened to protest the high gas prices. And then last week Wednesday the Prime Minister promised that as soon as the next Venezuelan ship touches down on our shores consumers will quote see a further decrease in prices, to below where the prices were when we had that spike.”

Well tonight we are seeing a reduction in fuel prices but it is not huge. Effective midnight tonight Regular gasoline will sell for $10.20 seeing a decrease of 16 cents. But that is as far as the reduction goes because Premium gasoline remains at $11.99 and diesel at $9.71 and instead of dropping the price per gallon of kerosene increased by 20 cents taking the price to $5.96.  

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