Prime Minister Barrow also discussed what he believes are his party’s very good chances of holding on to the majority of the municipal Governments in the March 7th elections. At present, the UDP controls 62 seats of the 67 that make of the municipal elections. But after 10 years or more of UDP City and Town Councils, will voters express fatigue, disenchantment and displeasure at the polls?

DeanRt. Honourable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

“If I were to say we can hold on to all we can and in fact we can increase the number you would accuse me of perhaps being arrogant, accuse the party and the government of being arrogant and so I will not say that, I won’t concede either though to what you refer to as voter fatigue in the questions you earlier asked during the period when the media was in fact talking to our Mayoral aspirants and our candidates I won’t acknowledge that voter fatigue which undoubtedly have to be a factor is the kind of factor that can actually displace the good that the UDP is able to capitalize on in consequence of what I truly believe and what the objective evidence confirms is an absolutely stellar record, Belize City since this what we are about this there is no doubt that substantial unprecedented transformation has taken place and while I am not out there on the campaign trail I have absolutely no reason to doubt the reports that I consistently get that the public, the voter make this point to our candidates as they are campaigning everything isn’t perfect it is not that all is completely well but they the voters tell our candidates that there can be no gain saying that record and that the record is such that in fact the UDP deserves to be re-elected I think to a greater or a lesser degree that is the case countrywide.”

Here in the north, the PUP has held Orange Walk Town since 2012 with Mayor Kevin Bernard at the helm. In Corozal Town, however the UDP has been in power at Town Hall for 12 years, with Hilberto Campos getting the opportunity to make a difference for four consecutive terms. Campos is bowing out and traffic manager Richie Quan who has been a part of the Council for 10 years is seeking his place. The people will choose between the old or new faces to lead Town Hall in the PUP’s Mayoral Candidate Rigo Vellos and his team.

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