Screen_Shot_2018-04-10_at_7.39.22_PMThe People’s United Party has requested clarification from Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington for statements made during an interview with the media on Wednesday, April 4, 2018.

In that interview, Elrington indicated that Belize’s Ambassador in Guatemala Alexis has indicated that based on the interpretation of Guatemala’s constitution a referendum exercise in that country should be held following a decision by the International Court of Justice, and not before.

Guatemala will be holding a referendum allowing their citizens to vote on whether to take the legal arguments in favour of their claim before the ICJ. This stems from a special agreement known as a Compromis signed between Belize and Guatemala in 2008. That agreement set out agreed points by both countries which committed them to holding referendums which will allow their citizens to decide whether to go to the ICJ.

But the Opposition PUP says Elrington’s interview has caused confusion. The PUP’s statement on the issue says that their information is that Elrington is getting wrong advice about what Guatemala’s constitution says.

The PUP also said that going by Elrington’s message, if Guatemala does not proceed with the referendum then they would be going against the Special Agreement signed between Belize and Guatemala which states: “The Parties shall accept the decision of the Court as final and binding, and undertake to comply with and implement it in full and in good faith.”

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