Screen_Shot_2018-04-10_at_7.39.22_PMThe PUP asked for clarification yesterday in a press release and today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided just that.

A release explained that the interview clips used as part of the report gave the wrong impression of what Elrington’s meant to say. Accordingly, what the Minister meant to say was not that the interpretation was Ambassador Rosado’s own, but that it was the interpretation of a legal challenge previously raised by various Guatemalan citizens against the holding of the April 15th referendum.


According to the Minister, should the electorates of Belize and Guatemala approve the submission of Guatemala’s claim on Belize to the International Court of Justice for a final settlement, there can be no question of another referendum on the Court’s ruling. This is because under Article V of the Special Agreement, the Parties have agreed to [quote] “accept the decision of the Court as final and binding, and undertake to comply with and implement it in full and in good faith” [end quote].

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