51126561_535666250272071_3839841882364444672_n_1A family in Caledonia suffered tremendous loss when two of their homes were destroyed by a fire in Caledonia Village last night Sunday, January 27th.

The first home, a wooden structure with zinc roofing, was occupied by a family member who was sleeping. Around 10pm, he woke up to the loud calls of a neighbor, warning that a fire had engulfed the house. Within minutes the fire spread from the rear of the building to the rest of the house, spreading also to a second house, a cement structure in the yard.

The family member made it out of the house, but was not able to save any belongings.

Today when we visited the scene, the charred remains of the wooden house could be seen scattered while the concrete house was visibly scorched.

The family is alleging that the house was set on fire intentionally to harm them. They allege that certain individuals in the community had made threats to the family and they believe that they are responsible for last night’s fire. They did not want to reveal any further information.

Members of Corozal Police Criminal Investigations Branch visited the family today to get statements and commence an investigation. The allegations of arson are also being investigated by the Corozal Fire Department.

Neither house was insured.

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