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CTV3 News September 17th 2014 

Business expositions are a favorite event in most schools but they have always been performed inside school grounds with minimal booths and activities. One school that decided to step out of their comforting zone is the Orange Walk Technical High School which for the first time will be packing up and making their mark elsewhere. Their Business expo will be held at the People’s Stadium tomorrow May 26th from 8:00am to 6:00pm. The family friendly event is opened to the public and has many forms of entertainment and opportunities.

Screen_shot_2012-05-25_at_8.35.46_PMJuanita Polanco, Teacher OWTHC

“We will be having 19 businesses participating they will be selling their products their services at discounted price. I’m sure they are going to have great deals for the general public, we will also be having food on sale, pastries, we having kiddies corner, and we’re having sports, live entertainment, so it’s going to be something that’s going to be for the entire family.”

The expo will be catering to some of the larger business groups in town including Santiago Castillo Ltd, Smart, Telemedia and Creative Graphic Impressions who will be on sight to promote their products and establishment. But even though the day promises to be fun and exciting for all visitors, the main purpose of the expo features a completely different story.

Juanita Polanco, Teacher OWTHC

“Well its going to be a fun filled day for every body and at the same time we’re helping each other because well the businesses will be doing business right and our school is in need of infrastructural development so whatever funds we generate tomorrow will be going towards infrastructural development at our school. I would just like to invite the general public to come have a fun time and at the same time come support our school.”

Entrance fee will be $1.00 at the gate. Following the event will be a dance featuring Dj Jessy and Taprick entrance fee for the dance will be $10.00.

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