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  • San Joaquin Resident Dies In Traffic Mishap

    Tuesday, 09 January 2018 02:23
  • Mother Of Two Succumbs To Injuries Sustained During RTA

    Tuesday, 09 January 2018 02:28
  • PC Constable Injured In Traffic Collision

    Tuesday, 09 January 2018 02:30
  • New Year...New Fuel Prices

    Tuesday, 09 January 2018 02:34
  • No Internet Access At High School In The South

    Tuesday, 09 January 2018 02:36
likemikeMost Belizeans would be excused for wanting to be ‘like Mike,’ and we don’t mean Michael Jordan. After all, that UDP insider, brother to a Minister, unabashed crony and Barrow buddy has landed himself a cushy, lucrative posting at Beltraide on the heels of a big-time, lucrative posting as CEO of the Ministry of Tourism. Most Belizeans could also be forgiven for remembering a very old but very popular commercial which went something like this – ‘Let’s get Mikey…he’ll eat anything.’

Indeed, from events of late it appears that Mike Singh has been placed in a position where he can gorge at will from choice slices of the public pie. And gorge he has.

Just recently, Mike Singh’s name emerged from the south of Belize in a distinctly shady light. Documents were brought to light which proved that Singh benefitted financially from the sale of land to Royal Caribbean which was to have been used for a cruise tourism facility. Wearing the cap of CEO in the Ministry of Tourism, Singh was in a position to carry out negotiations with Royal Caribbean. And wearing his cap as businessman and land speculator, he created a financial windfall for himself. The only holdup to the cruise tourism deal came when residents of Placencia protested en masse, but by that time Singh was already laughing all the way to the bank.

Now revelations have emerged from the recent tender operator fiasco and again Singh’s name has been called. As CEO in the Ministry of Tourism, he was in a position to hold meetings and carry out negotiations with cruise tourism operators and it is believed that there is no way he could not have known or been involved in the move to axe local tender operators. That speculation was given wings after reports that Singh was up to his neck in the new company slated to take over from tender operators, and in fact one of his companies, Btalco, had already brought in two new catamarans into the country.

In response to a query about Singh’s involvement in the matter, the prime minister would say only that whoever wanted to know that would have to ask Singh themselves.

And Singh has yet to raise his mouth from the public trough. As the head of Beltraide, he is now in the position to offer any of the companies in which he is involved lucrative concessions and incentives. Who wouldn’t want to be like Mike, who really does seem to be willing to eat anything in his path.

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