samplepicWhen the U.D.P’s Guardian newspaper published an offensive photograph of the President of the United Women’s Group of the People’s United Party on the front page of their March 17th edition, it sent shock waves across the nation.

Women’s groups from all over the country, including one of the largest, WIN Belize, Women’s Issues Network, condemned the actions of the newspaper. The group even went as far as to say that they would boycott the newspaper until an apology was issued.

In response to the picture, the women of the P.U.P also issued an immediate release condemning the publication. But the Women of the P.U.P went even further and called on the women of Belize to join them in a walk from Independence Hall to the office of the National Women’s Commission to deliver a letter disparaging the publication of Tillett’s photograph.

But surprisingly enough, the women including PUP Deputy Party Leader Carolyn Trench Sandiford, attorney Lisa Shoman and attorney Dolores Balderamos Garcia were not welcomed with open arms at the Women’s Commission.

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