If we were a newspaper rather than a newscast, the headline would probably read – Belize’s Musical Ambassador Accused of Scamming Belizeans – or maybe – Prime Minister’s Son on the Run after Concert Con…well, you get the picture.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s son, the ‘gangster rapper’ formerly known as Jamal Shyne Barrow Moses Leviy Moshe ben David launched his new album in Belize. There was much hype because Shyne claimed to be bringing an international artist, a big name in the music industry. Who was that artist? Well nobody knew, because Shyne wouldn’t say. In an interview last Friday, when he was pressed on the issue and advised that Belizeans were naturally leery, the very strange looking rapper would only piously stare skyward and say – “Well, only God can guarantee anything.”

But buoyed on the hype, Belizeans still shelled out $50 per ticket for the concert, since big names were circulating – names like Rihanna, Jay-Z, Foxy Brown and Busta Rhymes. But while Busta never showed, the show was a bust. There was no surprise guest, no international recording artist…no industry giant. In fact, by all accounts it was a flop – a very expensive one.

Airwaves were lit up this morning as Belizeans blasted the gangster turned devout Jew Barrow, calling him nothing more than a low-grade high profile hustler. Ouch! The promoter of the concert, DJ Ritchie Galvez, has been left in the lurch, having to deal with a whole pile of bad feelings and bills. As for Shyne, he left for Israel early Sunday before the proverbial excrement hit the fan.

But hey, with all this said and done – the convicted felon deportee gangster rapper is our Music Ambassador and someone our children need to look up to. Why? Because his father the Prime Minister said so.

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