Tomorrow the first sitting of the House of Representatives for the year 2012 will take place in Belmopan. It is expected that Prime Minister Dean Barrow will seek the houses approval to write off over $17 million in housing loans acquired from Social Security. Government, it is said, will spend somewhere around $6 million to acquire the loans, each worth $50,000 and less, made to 780 persons. During tomorrows house, Government is also expected to announce the new proposed electricity rate. Reports of the Social Security Board and the Central Bank are also expected to be tabled. But what Belizeans really want to know is if there is any weight to the rumors that the Prime Minister will dissolve the house tomorrow and announce a date for early elections. Well, according to the P.M; the house will not be dissolved, at least not tomorrow. Here is what he had to say when Channel Sevens Jules Vasquez asked him the question.

Screen_shot_2012-01-12_at_7.33.29_PMDean Barrow

“Absolutely not, I can tell you categorically, I can’t tell you when I will dissolve it but I can tell you when I will not dissolve it and that is Friday.”

Of note is that in order for the P.M to call early elections the house must be dissolved at least one month before the set date.

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