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The Annual Band Fest is coming to Orange Walk Town this weekend, and to say that it is a much anticipated event would be an understatement. This morning when we passed by the People’s Stadium preparations were already underway for the battle of the bands which promises to be an affair to remember. One of the organizers, Love FM’s Manuela Ayuso, told us that the excitement has been building as the day approaches, and bands from all over the country are taking it all very seriously.

manuelaManuela Ayuso - Cantun – Organizer

“These bands are very, very serious about Band Fest. Each year we have Band Fest coming around and there is a whole lot of preparation going on with the bands. But it is not only about the preparation it’s about the choreography it is about the music and they protect it like a National secret. This is something that each of the bands that area participating especially those in the wind instrument category they protect and it is because when they come up to the field they want to give their best shot and they also want to win because the prices are fabulous. The prestige behind Band Fest is already building over the years and so it’s a very important competition for all the bands in Belize to participate and of course to win that title.”

This is the 6th band fest, and Ayuso says that the response has been phenomenal.

Manuela Ayuso - Cantun – Organizer

“It’s been great especially here in Orange Walk the momentum is definitely building up. I am sure that you have seen that a lot of work has been going into the People Stadium in preparation for Band Fest it is something that the Orange Walk Sports Council had been doing over a period of weeks in getting ready all the bleachers at the stadium, fixing up the fence of the football field where the actual presentations will be taking place from. I am sure you have seen some of the banners going up around town welcoming Band fest to Orange Walk. So definitely the excitement is building up not only for the bands or for those affiliated to the bands but for the spectators as well. If you could recall a couple of years ago when we had Band Fest here in Orange Walk it brought almost ten thousand people to Orange Walk and it is a similar amount of people that we are expecting this year. So it’s going to be a great activity it is good for the entire town, the excitement is already building up. We have a lot of inquires about when the tickets are going to be sold, where can they get it, how much are the ticket prices, so you can get that feeling already from a lot of people that they are waiting and expecting this Band Fest to be great.”

Each consecutive event has garnered more participation and more attention, and Ayuso says that this year’s band fest will be better than ever.

Manuela Ayuso - Cantun – Organizer

There are two major categories which are the Marching Band with wind instruments and then you have the Drum Core category. But aside from that there are three other competitions in this whole thing and there is the best uniform competition, the most popular band and the drum line so these are three other competitions going on within this major competition here. I think that a lot of people are looking forward to seeing each of these I know each of the bands have been campaigning already to get this most popular band because it is a texting in kind of thing and so they have been campaigning around town trying to get the most votes for the most popular band as well.”

Ayuso also took the opportunity to invite residents of the north to the event.

Manuela Ayuso - Cantun – Organizer

“This is the show you cannot afford to miss I mean here home in Orange Walk you want to come out to the People’s Stadium. You want to take a look at the parade first and foremost and it starts at 9:00am and it starts at the Palmar Boundary Road with Liberty Avenue, it comes down Belize Corozal Road, Queen Victoria, Cinderella Street, Fonseca and then into Stadium Street. So you want to come out first and foremost and watch the parade because there are great presentations that take place in the parade, but you also want to be at the Peoples Stadium where the actual presentations will start at 1:00pm. So you get to the People’s Stadium say about midday or so or just before midday and then the actual competition starts at one. Don’t worry you can come into the stadium very early food stalls will be there you can get your drinks and everything so you can come out very early it is a day event it is a family event and it is something that you want to come out an view because it is going to be pretty exciting.”

Tickets can be bought from the Estereo Amor office in Orange Walk for $8 for adults and $5 for children.

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