cjc3Corozal Junior College alumni were today exhibited their work for the general public, as the institution held its annual expo where students exhibited their business, science, and English language projects. In addition different businesses from the community were invited to take part in the expo.

Dean of Corozal Junior College Jose Mai told us more about the expo.

Jose Mai- Dean Corozal Junior College

“Our annual exposition is an event that we put forward with the idea of showcasing the activities that our departments are involved in. We have the institutions comprising of five department that includes the modern languages department , the business department, the mathematics department, the science department, and the teacher education department. And so almost the entire student body is involved in several presentation, projects, displays, experiments, drama, presentation poetry etc…”

Departments of modern language, business, mathematics, science, and teacher education all had something to portray. Each department went all with each projects, and today what we saw was a result of hard work and dedication.

Jose Mai- Dean Corozal Junior College

“Well we, we pride ourselves of trying to do the very best . Our school motto “In Pursued of Excellence” is actually the driving force in making sure that we aim for the better and so we believe that students putting that added effort, that extra effort to make sure that whatever it is to that they are going to present whatever it is they are going to exhibit, whatever it is they are going to get involve they are going to try to do it with a lot of commitment, with a lot effort , with a lot of sacrifice.”

There were 36 business booths in the exhibit today – In addition, 17 business places made it out to the CJC grounds to hold their promotions.

Jose Mai- Dean Corozal Junior College

“The response from the outside business have been growing year after year. I must say that one of our large programs is the business program the management of business. And so we have about thirty six projects that our students have prepared for today.”

The activities culminated at three this afternoon. Our sister company Centaur Cable Network was also at the CJC grounds today offering free cable and internet installation promotion.

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