san_joseStudents from San Jose Government School were conducting a dollar drive this morning on the northern highway. The initiative arose after the school saw the need to fund raise to be able to construct a stage and a gazebo at the school grounds. Teacher Omar Cabrera told us more about the fund raiser.

Omar Cabrera- Teacher San Jose Government School

“We are conducting a dalla drive on behalf of San Jose Government School. We saw the need for our stage, we have a stage for our assembly we need to build a stage and Gazebo and we also have a fence project in mind so we are trying to come up with ideas how to raise funds in our community and so we decide to do the dalla drive with the help of our students and our teachers.”

Yari Catzim-Reporting

“ok. I see that the children are dressed in costumes?”

Omar Cabrera- Teacher San Jose Government School

“Yeah we have some very dynamic students as you can see they are dressed as clowns, they are very creative they are very good and they attract a lot of attention and just the people passing tend to stop and give the dalla for the dalla drive.”

The group hopes to raise at least $500 today. The monies needed for the project amount to $2,000. The school has more activities planned to raise the money.

Omar Cabrera- teacher San Jose Government School

“We are doing a jumble sale, we are doing a Bar B. Que sale later on in the month of May. We also be doing another dalla drive somewhere in the month of May also.”

If anyone wants to help the school and make a donation they can contact the principal of San Jose Government School.

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