In late March as the budget was being debated in the House of Representatives, the leadership of the United Democratic Party was very boldly criticized by one of their own. Well, at least he was one of their own back then, but no more, as Orange Walk East Area Representative Marcel Cardona has told the UDP to basically take a long walk off a short pier.

Just before news time this evening, CTV-3 received a press release from a group calling itself the Orange Walk East Upliftment Committee. That very terse release states, and I quote – “the general membership of the UDP Orange Walk East Committee met and unanimously agreed to renounce all further membership, participation and affiliation with the UDP and to form a new non-politically aligned or independent Orange Walk East Upliftment Committee.”

The release continues, and I quote, “the newly formed Orange Walk East Upliftment Committee pledges to work diligently, together with the Honourable Marcel Cardona Cervantes and Orange Walk East Community, to bring betterment, progress and development to our people of the East, who for the past three years have been deliberately abandoned, punished, oppressed, repressed and even victimized by the current vindictive UDP government.”

Ouch. Like we said, we received this release just before news time so were unable to do much more with it today. But tomorrow we’ll do some digging and bring you much more from the document, including a very pointed jab at Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

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