egg_hunt2Easter is right around the corner and while for some children the four day holiday is all about being out of school on Easter vacation, for the younger ones it means egg hunting. And while some children will need to wait for Easter Sunday to hunt for those eggs filled with delicious chocolates, more than 400 children of the Orange Walk East constituency had their fill of Easter eggs yesterday.

The Orange Walk East Upliftment Committee, a recently formed non-governmental organization, in collaboration with a number of sponsors, organized an Egg Hunt and Sports Day at the Louisiana Nature Park. The event was filled with various sporting activities including the tug of war, sack race, lime and spoon and bike race.

According to the Chairlady of the Orange Walk East Upliftment Committee, Rosario Melendez, the event was organized with one goal in mind.

Rosario Melendez- Chairlady OW East Upliftment Committee

“Every year most of the children expect a holiday treat it is Easter time and I believe that the children in Orange Walk on a whole not only in this area deserve a treat. So we decided to give them the treat they deserve. I believe they deserve more plenty more activities not just the Easter Egg Hunt. We had a lot of children out her and they all seemed to have had fun. We had a lot of prices and I am so happy with the people who contributed these items and I want to thank them personally on behalf of the Orange Walk East Upliftment Committee. We had the Honorable Marcel Cardona, my father, Councilor Josue Carballo, Chris Newy and her family and Doctor Tulio Mendez.“

The committee, says Melendez, was formed to assist residents of Orange Walk East in several areas.

Rosario Melendez- Chairlady Orange Walk East Upliftment Committee

“The committee is an upliftment committee it is non-governmental and we are going to work in the areas of health and education basically in whatever area needs upliftment. We are here for the community and there are many other projects coming. All the members work collectively to serve the community, we all have the same vision and interest and I encourage those with the same vision and interest to be a part of the organization.”

Presently the committee has several other events planned, including a feeding program and cleanup campaign.

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