The troubles of Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the UDP never seem to end, although it is hard to summon up even one iota of sympathy because it is all of their making. Today the Belize National Teachers Union, one of the largest in the country, issued a press releasing denouncing the termination of public officer Moses Sulph.

Sulph is the President of COLA and participated in a demonstration in front of the Prime Ministers Office calling for a ban on offshore drilling. Immediately after, he was fired from his post at the General Registry.

In its release, the BNTU states, and I quote “the Belize National Teachers’ Union joins the voices of the Public Service Union and COLA in condemning the unwarranted termination of Mr. Moses Sulph, a public officer and President of COLA, by the Government of Belize. We advocate the sharing of opinions and strengthening of Democracy, not muffling and instilling of fear.”

The BNTU also accuses government of violating the civil and constitutional rights of Sulph by its action, which constitutes Union Busting.

And in closing the BNTU chastises the Prime Minister and his government, stating, and I quote The practices of intimidation and victimization when any organization or individual exercises his/her human and constitutional right to act or speak out, underpins the very principles of our democracy.

Like we said no end of troubles for the Prime Minister!

The organizations involved, including the PSU and the BNTU, have called for the immediate reinstatement of Sulph, and have assured government that they are prepared to take any actions necessary if their request is ignored.

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