Tomorrow at eight in the morning there will be a clinic day held at the corner of Cuellos Street and Pasadita Street at the Joshua Evangelical Church. The event is being organized by Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez and his East Executive Committee. Adolfino Vasquez, a member of the executive committee, told us more about the initiative. He said that they have been trying to hold clinics in each area within the constituency.

vasquezAdolfino Vasquez- East Executive Committee

“Dr. Mendez and the Orange Walk East P.U.P. Committee are planning a Specialist Clinic tomorrow. The Clinic will be held at a church by the name of Josue, this church is located at the corner of Pasadita Street and Cuello Street, if you go by Aaron shop that would be the street that will take you there.”

Under the campaign of “Healthy Leadership” services from different specialists will be offered tomorrow. So far a gynecologist and obstetrician, ENT specialist and ophthalmologist have confirmed that they will offer their services free of cost tomorrow.

Adolfino Vasquez- East Executive Committee

“Every person that will be there that will be treating people is Specialist so we have a Specialist which is an E.N.T. this is an ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. We have a Specialist that deals with children a paediatrician, we have a Specialist that will deal with the eyes the ophthalmologist, and we have a Specialist that deals with women which is a gynaecologist, obstetrician. We will have an internist which a Specialist which deals with the heart with other diseases inside of the human body.”

While the initiative is being targeted mainly at residents of the east constituency, if you are in dire need youre welcome to take advantage of the clinic day tomorrow as no one will be turned back.

Adolfino Vasquez- East Executive Committee

“It is targeted and geared for the people of the East, but if any person needs the attention of the Specialist that will be there we cannot turn them back it is free. While it is geared for the people of the East constituency anybody who has the need for any of the Specialist treatment we will have no problem to accommodate them, the doctors will deal with everybody that comes.”

The clinic day is scheduled to end at five in the afternoon.

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