busAt the end of February all bus owners from the north were summoned to a meeting here in Orange Walk where they were informed by the Minister of Transport Melvin Hulse that there were going to be some changes in the way things were done.

Those changes included a complete rezoning and re-scheduling, and were cause for immediate concern by bus operators. So much concern, in fact, that on at least three separate occasions when the new zoning plan was to come into effect, there have been very credible reports of bus operators threatening to go on strike.

First the plan was to come into effect on April 1st…then it was April 10th…and latest word is May 1st. But even that seems highly unlikely, since when we contacted the Ministry of Transport in Belmopan today we were informed that no date has been set for the implementation of the new routes and schedules.

According to the Ministry, a team headed by Commissioner of Transport John Flowers has been appointed to finalize the routes and schedules, but that team won’t meet until tentatively sometime next week.

So bus operators in the north remain in limbo, awaiting instructions from the powers that be in Belmopan. When that will actually happen is anybody’s guess.

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#1 Gabriel 2011-05-03 04:12
Communist! Let the free-market system determine the schedules and number of busses, It will be more efficient. Why does Government need to get in the way?
Setting the bus schedules is a communist way of thinking. Governmnt sets prices for food, controls what can be inmported, establishes bus schedules, controls the bookstores so school books can only be bought thourgh ministry of ed....Communist. sigh..
What is democratic about this country? less and less that's for sure!

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