Screen_shot_2012-08-23_at_7.54.06_PMLast night we told about Rawel Pelayo’s appointment as the Vice President of the National Team Commission of the Unión Centroamericana de Fútbol, UNCAF and the responsibilities that he will hold as part of the executive committee. Pelayo says that with his new appointed Belizean football athletes will be better represented in the international scene.

Rawel Pelayo, VP of National Teams Commission, UNCAF

“Once we start getting involved in that higher level, Belize can get more assistance, we can fight for more assistance for Belize and we can get better tournaments, we can get more coaching seminars, referees and all the different types of assistance that FIFA sends to the smaller countries.  Most definitely I am not just going to get in there and just sit and do nothing, first of all I look at the riles of the game and when it comes to that position I will be in and study those rules and find out where I can put my punching so that I can get out something for Belize.  Their first meeting come in up am not quite sure if it will take place in Cost Rica and Panama but we have to have our first sitting with this new commission and start looking at the laws of the games that covers the nation teams after that it is keep on going forward.”

Pelayo’s term as Vice President ends on 2015.

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