drugs_-1The war on drugs is an overwhelming one, considering that our small nation is the most popular and frequented transshipment zone to points north. Added to that is a chronic lack of resources and a lack of political will. But with that said, Police Departments across the country are still charged with making an attempt to stem the flow of narcotics across our borders…and if that were not hard work enough, they are also tasked with taking drugs off our streets. Here in the north, units from Corozal and Orange Walk carry out frequent anti-drug operations, and over the weekend our cameraman was invited to join an early morning drug ops. Heres that story.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

Our cameraman Lucio Alcoser Jr. got the opportunity to see the anti-drug unit of the Police Department in action early Sunday morning, when he tagged along on a hunt to locate and destroy marijuana plantations in Orange Walk.

The destination was located some six miles from Orange Walk, near the Carmelita marl pit road. To find the exact spot though, the team would have to search the area on foot.

A rudimentary road had been cut out, indicating that there had been persons in the area, and after some tense minutes, the team broke out into this clearing.

A small shed had been built in the area (show shed) but no drugs were found. Evidence on the ground showed that marijuana had been planted and stored in the area, but it was moved before the team got to the scene.

A farmer from Carmelita stumbled into the middle of the operation, but a search turned up no drugs on him.

Although the operation did not turn in any drugs, the team was undeterred and still full of energy. Acting on information received of a weapon, a checkpoint was set up and searches of vehicles were conducted. The team plans to conduct continuous anti-drug operations within the Orange Walk District in the weeks ahead.

Much too often, when these anti-drug operations are conducted, it is to find that the drugs have already been moved elsewhere, proving that while the information network of Police is good, the information network of drug planters and pushers is just a bit better.

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