A 22 year old prisoner sentenced to one year imprisonment last week escaped police custody on Saturday. Edwin Chimal was sentenced at the Magistrates Court last week for the crime of theft.

After the sentencing Chimal was imprisoned at the Corozal Police Station awaiting his transfer to Hattieville prison, but apparently he wasnt satisfied with the itinerary planned for him. On Saturday morning Chimal asked officers to let him use the bathroom, and as he was taken out he jumped the wall fencing the station and just ran away. A search was immediately launched but it was not until Sunday at around six in the evening that he was recaptured in the South-end area in Corozal.

Chimal made another appearance in Court this morning where he was charged for escaping from lawful custody. He pled guilty to the charge and an additional time of six months was added to his one year sentence.

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