gonzalezA Muffles Sixth Form student is dead after he was allegedly hit in the head with a piece of pipe at about 4:00 this evening. Our news team got the call and headed out immediately. Heres that story.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

This evening CTV-3 was called to the scene inside the Louisiana School compound and found Police and scenes of crime personnel combing the area for evidence. The body of Shamir Gonzalez had already been transported to the Northern Regional Hospital.

While we prefer not to mention names because of the ages of those involved, reports indicate that Shamir Gonzalez’s younger brother, allegedly a standard six student at Louisiana School got into an altercation with another student from the school. We understand that after the altercation the younger brother went home and told Gonzalez about it, at which point they returned to the school.

Details are sketchy, but we have been told that both brothers then got into a physical altercation with the student, and it was at that point that an individual identified as Abimael Pott got involved. Pott, who lives in front of the school, reportedly saw the student being beaten and with a piece of pipe allegedly in hand, went to his defense. Unconfirmed reports are that Shamir Gonzalez was hit in the head with the piece of pipe and fell to the ground immediately, dead on the spot.

Gonzalez’s body was transported to the NRH and when we left the scene this evening, Police had detained Pott and a group of other individuals from the area.

Well have much more on this story in tomorrows newscast.

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dam.....that's crazy, belize is really getting out of hand now....i wonder what how the prime ministers sympathy speech is going to be this month.......dam....enough with the violence........dam........you a tru G. bra.

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