karol31.7.12Yesterday alleged mob boss 42 year old Slovakian National Karol Mello appeared before Justice Oswell Legal. Viewers might recall that a few months ago the Government of Belize, specifically the Ministry of Immigration was trying to oust Mello from the country but his attorney managed to prevent his expulsion by applying for an injunction at the Supreme Court which was upheld by Justice Oswell Legall. But there was still the concern of Mello’s permanent residency status which was revoked by Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse while he was in detention. Yesterday in court; however, Mello’s Attorney Godfrey Smith, was notified by the Government’s Crown Counsel that Honorable Hulse had reversed his decision and as a result Mello’s permanent residency was restored. According to Smith, after Mello receives the legal documents demonstrating his permanent residency, the Mello family will remain living in Belize.

It is not clear; however, whether or not the Mello family will publicly speak on the allegations brought against them by the Slovakian Government who say that Mello is one of the most powerful mob boss of the underworld and is wanted for numerous murders in that country. 

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