loan_shopTonight more details have emerged regarding the broad daylight robbery of Pay Day Advance in Corozal which was first reported on our newscast last night. Twenty three year old sales clerk Yesenia Marin told Police that she had just returned from lunch and was opening the main door leading into the establishment when she was approached by a male person of Creole decent.

The man placed what appeared to be a firearm on her side and demanded that she open the door. Once the door was opened Marin was forced inside. At that point another male individual carrying a black knapsack entered the pawn shop and ordered Marin to lie on the floor face down.

Marins hands, feet and mouth were bound with duct tape. She told Police that during the robbery one of the men even apologized to her, telling her, and we quote “Sorry, we dont want to hurt you and we neva want to do this” unquote.

Shortly after, both men left the establishment with some $7,691 in cash and an assortment of jewelry. After the men left Marin was able to remove the tape from her mouth, hands and feet and called for assistance. When we spoke to Superintendent Miguel Guzman this morning he told us that Police strongly believe that the men are not from Corozal Town. Reports are that one of the individuals was seen walking up and down in the area several times but no one alerted the Police. So far no one has been arrested.

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