vivasYesterday Zamir Vivas was charged for the April 22nd burglary at Sai-Sidhi Store located at the Corozal Commercial Free Zone after being on the run for more than a week. But apparently Vivas had other skeletons in his closet and was also charged today for 2 counts of carnal knowledge after a 13 year old female minor made a report against him.

The minor, accompanied by her mother, told Police that on the 14th of March at about 3:30pm she went to Vivas house located in the Venezuelan Site Area where they had sexual intercourse for the first time. On the 27th of April the minor claims she met Vivas again, this time at an apartment located in the Village of Carolina where they had sexual intercourse for the second time. A medical examination conducted on the minor confirmed that she was carnally known. As a result of the report Vivas was charged for two counts of Carnal Knowledge at the Corozal Magistrates Court and remanded to prison until his next Court date scheduled for June 12th.

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#1 Shaker Lucas 2011-05-05 22:28
She should also be blamed... What was she doing at his house in the first place???? she should have reported it from the first time it happened but what did she do instead???? she went back another time. What he did was wrong but she liked it if not it wouldn't have occurred a second time. get to the bottom of this story. Parents know where your children are at all times and know what they are doing. don't wait until it is too late and then you come crying on news

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