bullet_catcherDo you know what a bullet catcher is? Well, the name probably says it all - its a piece of equipment used to catch bullets. The bullet catcher is mostly used by Police Departments for ballistic purposes. Here in Belize there are no ballistic facilities, so whenever there is the need to test firearms officers have to find a secluded area to do so. But that wont be the case anymore because today a Good Samaritan donated a bullet catcher to the Corozal Police Department. The equipment was handed over this morning to Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Formation Miguel Guzman and we were there for the handing over ceremony.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

This piece of equipment is what is known as a bullet catcher. It was donated to the Corozal Police Formation by Paul Haberling and Gabriel Bochnia, owners of G.P. Construction Company Limited. Today as the equipment was tested, we found out more about its purpose.

Miguel Guzman- Officer Commanding Corozal Police Formation

“The bullet goes through here and then if you look at the circumference of this the bullet goes in here and spins in here so it does not come out it stays in there and then it losses it’s velocity and falls here so it is very safe.”

Paul Haberling- G.P Construction Company Limited

“It will lose its velocity and dropping back in the bucket and every bullet is catch by the bucket and it is easy to dispose of and it is safe.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“So it is environmentally safe?”

Paul Haberling- G.P Construction Company Limited

“Yes it is 100% safe because everything is controlled and the good thing about it is that it could be used in the classroom and you don’t have to take the guys out ten miles to the bush to shoot.”

Miguel Guzman- Officer Commanding Corozal Police Formation

“If you look at this it is basically only the paint that was scraped off a bit the metal itself there was no damage. It is a 9mm pistol that was used and this is what it did basically was no damage to the catcher itself.”

The bullet catcher is one of the first for the country of Belize and it comes at a cost of U.S $20,000. According to Guzman, the equipment will be used in more ways than one.

bullet_catcher2Miguel Guzman- Officer Commanding Corozal Police Formation

“This is what we were trying to get for quite sometime we have another bullet catcher that was obtained for the purpose of forensics but it is much smaller type. That is for the purpose of firing a weapon and to compare the weapon and the bullets and the marks on the bullets and the weapon itself for evidential purposes in determining if the same firearm has been used to commit other crimes. This bullet catcher is mostly for training and to test fire weapons. It can be used for indoor training and sometimes police officers who go on operation would capture someone with a firearm and the court would want to know if the firearm is capable of firing now instead having to go a distance away you can have the equipment at the station and you can test fire the weapon. So you don’t have to be going out of the station to test fire a weapon for the purpose of presenting it to the court.”

As mentioned the equipment is environmentally safe and for Paul Haberling and Gabriel Bochnia, that and the fact that it will make the life of our security forces much easier is what is important.

Miguel Guzman- Officer Commanding Corozal Police Formation

“This is very essential to the police in times past I can recall that many at times we had to be identifying areas where we can test the weapons in this case once we have this it is more professional because we can test fire the weapon and also retrieve the expended shell as well as the bullet that was fired. I’d like to express my appreciation and gratitude. I think it is a very valuable donation. It is a part of the support that we get from the community and we remain very appreciative of it. I would like to see more people come in on board to contribute to the development of the department.”

Paul Haberling- G.P Construction Company Limited

“For a better Belize for more safety and to work together and it is important if anybody can donate to the police department it is benefit for our kids and for the young people and for less crime.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“I understand that more donations are expected?”

Paul Haberling- G.P Construction Company Limited

“I am the producer of the shooting ranges and the safety equipment for police and army and I will bring them more because I will live here permanently.”

Gabriel Bochnia- G.P Construction Company Limited

“I hope it will help the police station and make a better and safer community.”

It is not yet know if the Bullet Catcher will be left in Corozal for the use of the Corozal Police Department or if it will be used by Belmopan Headquarters.

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