Today credit unions worldwide celebrated International Credit Union Day under the theme “Members Matter Most”. This year’s theme, without a doubt, speaks to the heart of the credit unions’ philosophy, “people helping people.”  The day symbolizes a great opportunity for credit unions’ worldwide to raise awareness about the work they do and also gives members the opportunity to get more involved. Here in Orange Walk the La Inmaculada Credit Union celebrated credit union day by holding a marketing expo for various governmental and non-governmental organizations and local entrepreneurs. The activity took place at the institutions parking lot and our news team was present and filed the following report.

Screen_shot_2012-10-18_at_8.22.18_PMCarmelita Perez – Reporting

This morning La Inmacualda Credit Union welcomed its member’s/owners and visitors to its first ever marketing expo with a sign that brought to light the future of the credit union “growing stronger and more vibrant”.

Working along the line of their “people helping people” philosophy, LICU decided to hold a marketing expo with the aim of promoting the products produced by local entrepreneurs and the work of governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Albino Vargas- SEDDATT

“We would like to invite our local people, our local producers, our local service providers, also our local community groups, people who are doing so much for our community groups but we don’t hear from them at all times so what we are trying to promote is their good work that they are doing and also the good work and services that La Inmaculada Credit Union is providing.”

Hipolito Novelo – Reporter

“What would be the main purpose of holding this open day?”

Albino Vargas- SEDDATT

“Basically for people to know what we are doing, to know what we are giving back to the community, to be informed of the services and the benefits that we are providing to them.  La Inmaculada Credit Union is very active in community functions, is very active in the whole economic activity of this country and the town itself and we really want to promote that we really want people to highlight what we are doing.  It is very encouraging and this is the first that we are doing and we hope to have this at least once a month. This facility is part of the project that will become a Marketing facility and we hope to do is to have a modern parking facilities with sheds so that in certain time of the month it can be used as a marketing outlet for our producers and our entrepreneurs.”

Taking part in the expo today were a number of organizations including HECOPAB, Helpage Orange Walk, the Orange Walk Cancer Support Group, Saint Peters Special Ed Unit and of course the Banquitas House of Culture.

Cindy Rivero- BHOC

“We have here on display we have all the cultural clothing that the ethnic groups that we have here in Belize and we also have the dolls that were made locally by Orange Walkenos and we have over here some information and things that would be useful for students as well so all of these things we brought here today for the public.  Our main objective here today is to let the people know what is it that Banquitas is all about, the activities and the events and everything that we have here.”

But not only culture was promoted today. For Orange ITVET the marketing expo proved to be the perfect opportunity to reel students in.

Yasser Baeza- O/W ITVET

“Well, this booth is to advertise Orange Walk ITVET is focusing in the construction industries because that I what is upcoming right now, construction and so we have electrical, A/C and we have welding that is important in construction.”

Carmelita Perez

“What is some of the information that you are giving out here today?”

Yasser Baeza- O/W ITVET

“We are giving the name of trades, what all requirement we need to be able to apply to ITVET and basically just some pictures and stuff of students that are working and so the experience that we are gaining.”

Continuing with our coverage, I walked over to the Youth for the Future booth where I was greeted by young entrepreneurs venturing in the business world.

Elmer Patt- Department of Youth Services

“Pues el booth que tenemos aquí no, es sobre los diferentes grupos de jóvenes que tenemos en las comunidades que es el Sugar City Micro-Enterprise y tenemos uno que es el departamento de servicio que son grupos de jóvenes que vienen a promover sus productos que hacen en sus comunidades como por ejemplo aquí tenemos el chips de yuca, el plantain chips y también tenemos grupos de muchachos que hacer embriodery que decoran manteles y eso no, y también tenemos el Sugar City Group que hacer cake decorating and cake selling para cumple anos y quince anos y nosotros como departamento de servicios de jóvenes estamos ayudando a ellos para exponerse afuera.”

During the expo there were a number of cultural presentations and giveaways. Of course the marketing expo also promoted the work of local artisans and producers. We’ll feature that part of the expo further into the newscast.

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