corozal_policeMany times we hear about domestic abuse cases which go unreported. Women and sometimes even men decide to keep silent because of several reasons. But that is not the case when it comes to a woman living in the Village of Pathchakan who decided to speak out and have her common-law husband arrested.

Cruzita Teck told police that around midday on Saturday she was at home when her common-law husband Alejandro Chan arrived home in a drunken state and started to insult her. After the insults came the attack as Chan took off his shirt and proceeded to choke his common-law wife. Teck also received bruises on her hands and told police that Chan even broke a dozen of her plates.

But as we mentioned Teck is one of the few women who decided to take court action and tonight Corozal Police are looking for Alejandro Chan. He is expected to be charged harm and damage to property.

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#1 unknown 2011-05-06 15:09
huuu i bet u all this case will be ignored like many other cases. Police will act as if they looking for that man when in reality they might even pass beside him. Typical corozal police :sad:

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