town_boardTonight there are credible reports coming out of Corozal that the UDP Town Hall has been turned upside down after a surprise audit conducted by the Ministry of Local Government.

At news time reports spread like wildfire that an audit had turned up a significant number of financial discrepancies at Town Hall; that the Town Administrator had been fired because of these discrepancies and that Mayor Hilberto Campos was on the hot seat and was being questioned in the matter.

Well, so far we have been able to confirm that there was an audit, but we havent been able to verify the reports of missing money. As regards Town Administrator Carlos Sawyers well, we have been able to confirm that he was fired, but could find nobody to verify why. And as for Mayor Hilberto Campos we were told only that he had been called to an urgent meeting in Belize City.

And finally…we were unable to confirm reports that the audit was requested by UDP Minister of Health and Corozal Bay Area Representative Pablo Marin.

Well do some more digging, so be sure to tune in tomorrow for an update.

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#1 OW Resident 2011-05-10 17:46
Let's rid our country from corruption one town at a should be a FAIR audit that will expose the corruption and mis-management of Philip de La Fuente and Andre Moguel, "fire Moguel and vote out Philip"

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