policeThe Supreme Court session for the Corozal District officially opened today, and at least nine cases will go to trial during this session. The first case file on the list is for Eusebio Campos who is being charged with maim and attempted murder.

The case dates back to February of 2009. Dorian Montalvo and Eusebio Campos were drinking with a group of friends when both men started to argue. During the heated exchange Dorian Montalvo claims that Eusebio Campos took out a machete and chopped off his right thumb and also inflicted a cut wound to the right side of his back. The trial is set to commence on the 16th of May.

On the list as well is the case of James Jackson who is being charged with the murder of his common law wife. James Jackson allegedly fatally stabbed his common-law wife Elena Amador in Corozal Town. The incident happened during a quarrel in the early hours of May 2010 at the couples residence.

Facing a charge for manslaughter by negligence is Wilder Linares. His case dates back to December of 2009 when Linares was driving on the Chunox road, lost control of the vehicle and it overturned on the right hand side of the road. Passenger Eric Wiltshire died on the spot.

The rest of the list includes the incest case of Samuel Tillett, Roy Rancharans case for negligent grievous harm, Javier Solis for arson and Philip Rancharan, Marlon Quiros and Wilfred Hernandez for carnal knowledge.

The session is expected to run until the middle of July. It is important to note that the cases of Mark Vega and Eric Gonzalez are still pending at the Corozal Supreme Court.

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