Traditional wisdom dictates that neighbours should be, for lack of a better word, neighbourly, sharing sugar and stuff…but thats certainly not the case we found in Orange Walk Magistrates Court today between two neighbours from Guadalupe Street. Christy Reynolds told Police that last week Friday she was in her yard and she placed her Samsung cell phone on the top of her fence on her neighbors side.

She claims that moments after, she looked for her phone but it had disappeared, so she then filed a report accusing her neighbor Walter Montero of taking the phone. To make a long story short, Montero was arrested and the cell phone was recovered.

Today when Walter Montero appeared in Court he pled guilty and was fined $800 which he needs to pay immediately. In addition, Magistrate Linden Flowers ordered that Walter Montero be given some sort of medication as he showed signs of mental illness in Court. Up to news time Montero had not paid his fine and was still under lockdown at the Orange Walk Police Station.

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