spelling_beeIt wasnt the Coca-Cola Spelling B, but it had all the pomp, ceremony, organization and enthusiasm of that much larger annual event. This morning 10 Infant Two students from La Inmaculada took center stage in the auditorium to test their spelling skills in a competition organized by the school. Our news team stopped by and was pleasantly surprised and very impressed by the intelligence and expression displayed by these young leaders of tomorrow.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

Heidi Aragon – Teacher

“What we do is class elimination we put all the kids together and we conduct a spelling bee with numbers. We give the children the spelling to study for like a month then we conduct the eliminations in the class everybody has an equal opportunity to contest. After we have the elimination the two winners are the ones that represent the class to compete in this contest that we are having today.”

And from what we saw today, the students took the event as seriously as the teachers entrusted with their care.

Heidi Aragon – Teacher

“We do put a lot of preparation like how I tell you we give them the spelling list ahead of time we train them in the classroom. These are words that children work with during the year in the classroom so they are very much familiar with the words. When a contest is getting closer them we practice even more we ask parents to help them also at home. The teachers take the initiative to coach the students during class or after break. We give it as much importance as we would give a contestant that is going up for the Coca Cola Spelling Bee.”

And much more than just a fun event, the spelling B goes a long way in enhancing the expression and building the confidence of these students.

Heidi Aragon – Teacher

“It is very important because one we look forward to the big spelling completion at the higher level which is conducted country wide and once we train our children from an early age then they become good spellers at the higher level but this also helps them in their writing, in their reading and it also prepares them in their future to be good writers, to be good readers when they go higher in standard six or high school.”

And looking at all these bright young faces, it was impossible to forget that today is the day we pay special tribute to mothers, and Teacher Heidi Aragon sent out a special message.

Heidi Aragon – Teacher

“A happy mother’s day to all the teachers from La Inmaculada who are moms. Happy mother’s day to the entire mother’s of our school children and also a happy mother’s day to my lovely mom in San Estevan.”

When we checked with the school this afternoon, we were informed that Sayed Perrera had emerged victorious at the end of the spelling B.

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