culture_day_-1Our news teams have covered all different types of expos and exhibitions in every corner of the north, and have thoroughly enjoyed every experience. Today, we were invited to a cultural expo held by the Our Lady of Guadalupe RC School in Altamira, Corozal, and if we were forced to judge, wed have to say that it ranked in the top 5 in terms of colour, culture, preparation and enthusiasm. It was a lot to take in on our limited schedule, but heres a snapshot of a memorable occasion this morning.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

This morning all of Belize’s very diverse and rich cultures were on full display, as primary school students went all out to showcase every aspect of the lives of the Maya, Mestizo, Garifuna, Creole, Mennonite, Chinese and East Indian.

The displays of food, traditional garb and crafts were impressive, and the display at the Mestizo booth was enough to warrant a second and third look.

Std. 2 Students

“We started standard two, we started to do the arts for this and then we started to study about the Meztiso and the May.”

Mike Rudon – reporter

“Did you all learn a lot from doing all of this hear?”

Std. 2 Students


Mike Rudon – reporter

“You enjoyed it, you liked the Mestizo culture?”

Std. 2 Students

“Yes we had fun.”

Mike Rudon – reporter

“Are you also learning about the other cultures here today?”

Std. 2 Students

“Yes we are learning about the Garifuna and Creole and Mennonite and Chinese.”

So were the items at the Creole exhibition.

culture_day_-2Cindy Guillen – Std. 5

“We learn a lot of things, we work hard to do this and with the help of our parents we did it.”

Rosanna Ake – STD 6 Teacher

“For the standard six especially there are questions that come in the P.S.E on the ethnics groups in Belize and this is something very important for them to learn so that they can be ready for the Social Studies exam and as Belizeans it is very important that we learn about the different cultures that are here in Belize.”

Ake has reason to be proud, as her class pulled off one of the more colourful presentations of what was certainly a difficult culture to portray.

Lizette Arana – STD. 6 Student

“We have been working since last month and well it was really hard because we had to find many things about the Chinese which we did not know.”

Rosanna Ake – STD 6 Teacher

“I want to say thanks to the standard six parents who were here from this morning to help us and the kids overall who were the ones who helped us to gather all the things that we are seeing here today. So I would say that parents together with the students and me we are the ones that put up this today.”

Like we said, it was a memorable day and while we know the students had a lot of fun, we feel we got the better of the bargain.

The grounds of Our Lady of Guadalupe RC School were packed today with parents and residents of Corozal looking at the displays and sampling the diverse varieties of food which were available in abundance. We commend the teachers and students for a job well done.

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