On Monday night CTV-3 reported on allegations coming out of Corozal concerning an audit which turned up financial discrepancies which resulted in the termination of Town Administrator Carlos Sawyers. Since then weve been digging, but like with most stories with serious political ramifications, everybodys been tight-lipped. Everybody, that is, but Mayor Hilberto Campos, who today told us that Sawyers isnt with the Council any more, but its personal and has nothing to do with any audit.

camposHilberto Campos Mayor, Corozal

“Those are totally personal problems between the administrator and the Corozal Town Council nothing has to do with the allegation of an audit that was done and that monies were missing that is totally false. The administrator decided to call the meeting with the council and decided to part and to terminate his services based on his different believes of the party and based on the consequences of the convention but that is a very mutual agreement between the administrator and the Corozal Town Council and we are still friends and we are still of the same party.”

We can live with that part of the Mayors claim, and since weve been unable to get official confirmation of an audit which turned up missing money, we were willing to give Campos the benefit of the doubt. But then he had to go spoil it with this doozy about his relationship with Corozal Bay Area Representative Pablo Marin.

Hilberto Campos Mayor, Corozal

“Fortunate for us it is very good we have a very good relationship we are working together for the benefit of the people that is the goal and we have a very good working relationship as a matter of fact we have many plans for the Corozal Town at the moment looking forward for the Municipal Elections. Unity once again for the benefit of Corozalenos.”

Now nobodys going to believe that for sure. But anyway, we took the liberty of asking the Mayor about his political plans for the future. Note that he mentions Pablo Marin again and goes so far as to call him a friend, but if you look closely youll see that while his mouth is saying friend, therere definitely a few other choice words hed prefer to be calling Marin right about now.

Hilberto Campos Mayor, Corozal

“The loss of the convention has gone far away and we are looking forward to Municipal Elections. I have postulated myself to serve the people in the capacity of mayor and as such I have to work along with the Area Representative who is my colleague and who is my friend.”

We do appreciate the Mayors candour though, and hope that it signals the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Campos and this station.

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