julesAt news time tonight, word coming out of Belize City is that Channel 7s news editor Jules Vasquez and prominent businessman Lascelle Arnold are claiming that they narrowly averted death after a contract was put on them.

We havent gotten all the details, but reports are that both men held a press conference today in which they told members of the Belize City media that they were approached by a man who told them that he had been hired to kill them. Thats startling enough. But more than that, the men say that they were told that the persons who put the hit on their heads are butane bigwigs seeking revenge for an expose done last year in which Channel 7 in collaboration with Lascelle Arnold exposed a butane scam of epic proportions.

We understand that the alleged hit-man claimed that he does not know the men who hired him, but identified two of them from photos they were shown by Vasquez and Arnold. Were not sure where the Police fit into this amazing story, but indications to us are that the man who says he was hired to execute the duo is refusing to provide any information to Police.

Thats about all we the information we were able to get today, but well have much more on this story in tomorrows newscast.

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